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Valencia Cathedral
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Diocesan Cathedral Museum

click here to enlarge this imageCertain works of art that are not dedicated to worship are kept in the museum, mainly paintings from the 15th to the 18th century, whose authors are, among others, Juan de Juanes (16th century) and Goya (18th century). You can also see the beautiful monumental monstrance of the procession of the Corpus Christi, chiselled in golden silver (1940-1954), the biggest in the world (it is five metres high and weighs 600 kilos), as well as the original gothic images of the Door of the Apostles.

The Museum

Wooden relief of the organ of the Cathedral destroyed in the Civil War in 1936The current Diocesan Cathedral Museum of Valencia had its origin in the Antique Museum or Valentian Diocesan Museum created by the Archbishop Andres Mayoral in 1761. This museum was set up in the Archbishop's Palace till it disappeared during the French invasion in 1812.

The Diocesan Archaeological Museum of Valencia was created towards the end of 1922 on the initiative of Cardinal Enrique Reig Casanova, wishing to gather together all the works scattered across the diocese in an organized collection open to the public. At first, the Diocesan Museum continued in the Archdiocese Palace in the Almoina Square, next to the metropolitan church. During the Civil War (1936-1939), the Palace and the Museum were destroyed. Some of their pieces are kept in the Cathedral.

In 1954, the Chapter and the Archbishopric inaugurated the Cathedral Museum in order to catalogue and exhibit in a more reasonable and accessible way some antiques of great value of the Cathedral collection. At the same time, they could showcase the materials for the excavation and the architectural elements removed in the recent alterations of the Cathedral.

click here to enlarge this imageTowards 1966, the Archbishop Marcelino Olaechea, ordered the Cathedral Museum to become also in Diocesan Museum, gathering up all the works of both institutions. A new building was constructed next to the Cathedral with a unique access from its interior. The “Treasure” hall is in the Basilica though it is directly communicated with the Museum.

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